Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to Freeze Political ads before US presidential Election

Freeze political ads in US

Facebook has declared to freeze political ads till November. However, the existing ads will not be removed. The posts declaring victory before the US presidential election will also be labeled.

facebook blocked political ads in us

Mark Zuckerberg showed deep concern over the division in the country which leads to civil unrest. Social media has been criticized for promoting fictions. It’s partially on this account that Facebook freezes further ads.

The tech giant Facebook also expressed that it would remove videos of President Trump encouraging voters in North Carolina to vote twice, which is an illegal act. Any videos of Mr Trump’s comments without contextualizing information removed. The firm said in a statement: “This video violates our policies prohibiting voter fraud and we will remove it unless it is shared to correct the record.”

“This election is not going to be business as usual,” Mr Zuckerberg wrote. “With our nation so divided and election results potentially taking days or even weeks to be finalized, there could be an increased risk of civil unrest across the country,” he added.

The following measures, according to the firm, will be implemented.

— No new political ads will be allowed in the week before the US election.

— Posts claiming people will get Covid-19 if they participate in the polls will not be accepted.

— Candidates will attach labels to posts that seek to declare victory before the final results are in.

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