Currency trading inside the foreign exchange market operates on one basic principal which is buy low and sell high. It is the largest traded market in the world with over 6 trillion dollars being traded everyday.

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Forex Trading History

Up until the 1990’s only banks, large financial institutions, and corporations were allowed to trade inside the foreign exchange. With the invention of the internet, it allowed everyday people to begin trading within the forex market.

Winning and Losing

The opportunity to earn huge amounts of money within the foreign exchange with a little investment is a definite possibility. Of course the opposite is true unfortunately. People lose money fairly quickly, get discouraged and never trade again.

First Step to Trading Success

How do people succeed? How does everyday people with no formal financial education make a living forex trading?

The first step for forex trading success is proper learning. So much information is available on how to trade that it is pretty obvious all the information encountered is not correct. Also, with so much information available it can get confusing.

In order to learn properly you have to select the correct pieces of information to learn from.

You want to start small and simple. Find a reputable website online that outlines the key forex terms like pip, currency pairs, indicators, stop and limit orders. This information should provide a good foundation to begin to understand what forex trading is all about.

Learning to Make Your First Trade

After getting an idea on the forex terminology your going to want to learn how to make your first trade. This is where it can get confusing. You need a trading strategy to enter the market and their are literally hundreds of them. It can be confusing deciding on which one to test out.

Each strategy you intend to use needs to be tested before you apply it to your trading. In addition you have to make sure the strategy you are using is compatible with your trading style and personality. Are you a full-time or part-time trader? Are you placing short-term trades or long-term trades. Whatever strategy you use will have both an enter and exit strategy attached to it.

Enter Strategy

You want to know why your making your first trade at a particular price point for a particular currency pair. If you do not have a clear strategy in place than you should not be entering the market in the first place.

Exit Strategy

In addition to having an entry strategy you need to have an exit strategy. An exit strategy consists of having a particular price point on the charts after you execute a trade where you exit the market. You will have two price points for your exit strategy. One price point for a winning trade and another price point for a losing trade. Do not enter a trade without these two important exit strategies.

One of the Biggest Trading Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes you hear about people doing is entering the forex market without a clear strategy. A person basically places a market order and then hopes the market will go up. This person will exit the market when they feel they have earned enough. Unfortunately this style of trading is doomed to fail with some exceptions of course.


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