Detect Spy Cameras/Electronic Devices via Spy Camera Detector

We live in an era, where there are threats to our privacy, and the threats of being watched without knowing. As technology advances, we notice a spike in the number of ways which record or shoot our videos — even we don’t know it’s happening. Whenever we travel or stay at restaurants, marriage halls etc, there are hidden cameras which spy on us. It sends shivers down our spine to be watched via hidden/spy cameras.

Mostly we book rooms or rent halls for temporary purposes, which may risk our privacy — if there are hidden cameras being installed around us. Those hidden/spy cameras are mostly set in ceiling, windows or clocks. They can’t be detected easily. Some of the cameras are set to work with detecting motion. They start working when someone enters the room.

For detecting hidden/spy cameras or bugs, we provide Spy Camera Detector. It detects hidden cameras and finds bugs. The camera has two modes, viz., Infrared Meter and Infrared Glint Finder .
Let’s see how they work.

Radiation Meter
Through radiation meter, the Spy Camera detector uses magnetic sensor of android phone to find the intensity of radiations which emitted from bugs or electronic hidden devices. After detecting bugs, radiation meter alerts you by ringing Beep Sound.

Infrared Glint Finder
As you know that infrared light can’t be seen through naked eyes, so, through this mode/method, the light is detected. This method is basically infrared light effect which finds bugs or cameras around you through red/green light.

How to detect hidden cameras/bugs

Hidden cameras can’t be detected easily, especially in well-lit rooms. What we have to do for detecting them is to dim the light as much as possible. Move your mobile around. If there are cameras, the spy camera detector will alert you through beep sound or red/green light. It lets you detect bugs or radiations emitted by electronic devices.

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