Just like anyone, you want to optimise and boost your profits. The one element you need is productivity within your team. There are different steps and tasks within which all accumulate to reach the overarching goal of productivity.

The results are all worth it – when you have productivity implemented, you are already prepared to face future challenges. The team are ahead of the game with tasks and can quickly get more done if unexpected tasks arise.

This isn’t just important for business owners. You can be in any department and have been in the company for any length of time, but if you put forward beneficial ideas, there’s no doubt you’ll be put in high regards.

Now, let’s dive deeper into just how you can create a productive business.

Encourage communication

As they say, communication is key. Then effective communication takes it to a whole new level. Essentially, it will decrease wait times on retrieving information and as a result, boost productivity. Research released by document management system Docsmart Solutions revealed productivity increases by up to 25 percent when employees are connected through communication.

Ineffective communication will have counterproductive effects, with tasks inevitably taking longer with more back and forth conversation, and more miscommunication.

You can make use of communication platforms best suited to your industry, and instil them as universal workplace communication portals for specific scenarios.

Balance everything.

Too much of anything is bad. And I’m not just referring to negative aspects. For instance, if you allocate only riveting tasks, you can’t move forward. There are always going to be boring tasks, and these need to get done in order to run an efficient workplace. That’s where balance comes into play.

On the other end of the spectrum, an overload of negative types of work will create an unhappy workforce and therefore, a toxic environment. Workers won’t enjoy their work, won’t get as much done and it will be at a lower quality. You will also have a higher turnover rate of workers, causing disruption to the workplace.

Allow easy access to documents

DocSmart Solutions also found 62% of employees find it more difficult to get content they are looking for when working in a different environment to their colleagues.

You can’t simply pop over to your colleague and have them show you where to find a document, which usually takes a matter of minutes. Instead, sending an email while your colleague is in a strenuous task will more than likely result in waiting hours before gaining access.

There is a way to problem-solve this so you don’t face a disaster when you’re short on time or leading up to a deadline. Utilise modern document management platforms. As the name suggests, these tools file documents and allow access so you don’t have to disrupt the workflow to do so. Revolutionary.

Create a positive workplace culture.

If your employees aren’t happy, it will show in the work that’s produced. Think of some of the most successful names – Google and Youtube. The Googleplex Campus takes a fun office to a whole new level. They provide multi-colored bikes for “Googlers” to ride between campus buildings. Interesting art is splashed everywhere, such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, giant cartoon figures and a sand volleyball court.

Putting in place team-building activities, fun lunches and ensuring workers feel validated will bring in more benefits than you’d think.

On that note, validation is extremely important. When workers put in significant effort, and then don’t feel validated or that their work is appreciated, this gives no incentive for them to repeat their high-quality work.

Allow flexibility when applicable

The notion that flexibility is allowed will bring a sigh of relief to many, taking stress off their plates before they’ve even reached a heavy workload. Whether it be traffic, kids, mental health, or other factors, a lot of the time, workers can’t work their best at the set times – 9-5, and in a set location.

For this reason, introducing flexibility can make use of employees working at their best, without stressing about the lack of sleep from waking up early to skip traffic, or stressing about childcare.

The two recurring outcomes from this analysis are balance and tools. Balance between work and play, balance between flexibility, and the integration of tools to encourage productivity.

Once you’ve integrated processes that enforce productivity, your business will flourish and stand the test of time. Now more than ever, it’s time to adapt and evolve in order to survive business uncertainties.


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