Hackers of Russia, China and Iran try to hack US 2020 presidential election, Microsoft says

Hackers of russia wanna hack US election

The Russian hackers tried to snoop on the 2016 Democratic campaign. Microsoft said it was “clear that foreign activity groups have stepped up their efforts” targeting the election.

hackers of russia vs US hackers

Cyber-raiders have targeted both president cand Democrat Joe Biden’s campaigns. The cyber-raiders also targeted British political parties, said Microsoft.

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“Similar to what we observed in 2016, Strontium is launching campaigns to harvest people’s log-in credentials or compromise their accounts, presumably to aid in intelligence gathering or disruption operations,” said Tom Burt.

Chinese hackers attacked targeting individuals connected to Mr Biden’s campaign, while Iranian hackers’ aim was targeting people associated with the Trump campaign, the firm said.

“What we’ve seen is consistent with previous attack patterns that not only target candidates and campaign staffers but also those they consult on key issues,” Mr Burt said.
“These activities highlight the need for people and organisations involved in the political process to take advantage of free and low-cost security tools to protect themselves as we get closer to election day.”

“It is important to highlight that none [of the targets] are involved in maintaining or operating voting infrastructure and there was no identified impact on election systems,” Mr Krebs said

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