Instagram is trying to find ways to turn videos into Reels. The Meta-owned social media platform has reportedly revealed that the change is being tested with a certain number of users worldwide and is part of the Instagram program to make videos easier for the system. The social media analyst also shared a screenshot on Twitter showing how users who are part of the test will see the information from the app to inform them that the video post will now be shared as Instagram Reels.

Instagram is currently testing a feature that converts video posts into Reels with selected users worldwide, the report said. Media analyst Matt Navarra also shared a screenshot on the microblogging platform, Twitter, with the message “Video posts are now shared as Reels.”

It can be assumed that people who are part of the global Instagram test will see this pop-up message. This notice says that once your account is public and you share video, people will be able to use video audio to build their Reels. The message displayed and added that anyone can now create a remix with the User Reel and download it as part of their remix. However, users have the option to turn off merge in settings.

Instagram will yet confirm when the new feature that converts video posts to Instagram Reels will be broadcast to all users. The social media platform is also expected to announce soon what will happen to the videos that already exist in this forum.


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