The popular series of Ertugrul, seasons 5

The popular series of Ertugrul, the epic Islamic history, which has been released in 5 seasons and about 200 episodes, has taken the world by storm.

The popular series of Ertugrul, the epic Islamic history, which has been released in 5 seasons and about 200 episodes, has taken the world by storm. The epic saga of Ertugrul was released for the first time on Turkish State Channel TRT World.
Later on, it was dubbed in Urdu and was aired exclusively on Pakistani Channels like PTV home.

Ertugrul is the most watched drama ever. It has been a blockbuster since its release. The very drama depicts the Turkish Islamic Culture. It has its roots in Ottoman Empire.

Ertugrul was noble boy who came of a great family. His father was the Kai Tribe’s leader, named Sulaiman Shah. Sulaiman Shah was a skillful warrior.

For depicting the iconic character of Ertugrul, Engin Atlan Duzyatan worked hard to make himself fit for the very role. In an interview he said,
“Before the shootings, the production team and I searched all sources about the era and Ertugrul,” he shared in the interview. “I first had to understand Ertugrul and what he stood for. So it wasn’t just physical training like horse riding, sword or archery; I also studied him mentally. And after that we started practicing horse riding, sword and archery for five months. I spent a lot of time with the actors who are playing my heroes because Ertugrul and his relationship with his heroes had to be real when we started shooting. In the Ertugrul history, he cared a lot for his people, especially, for his brothers in battle. The preparation was hard but it was a big pleasure for me playing the Ertugrul role.”

As you know that in the contemporary world, Islam had been labeled as a religion of terrorists. The western myopic minded people, who have taken fancy to modern obscene ways of life, used to deride Islam. They made fun of its very history which was misrepresented by their novelists and dramatist for the sake of besmirching Islam. But, this Epic Saga (Ertugrul) brought back the historical status and valour of Muslims of the days of yore. It proved them that if Muslims were warriors, they were peace loving too. If they hated obscenity, the loved truth. They were keen on serving the humanity.

The fact that Islam is the best and greatest religion, has been recognized in spades. No one can call into question the truthfulness of Islam. Being the complete code of life, Islam places emphasis on dispensing justice to every human being regardless of his/her religion, caste, race, clan, tribe, color, or nationality. It’s only because of some corrupt and hypocrites, that Islam is misrepresented. The very drama depicts Islamic history and culture. It shows the bravery, brotherhood, truthfulness, and trustworthiness of the Muslims.

The drama has been made available in Urdu version. You can watch it via the app Ertugrul Ghazi In Urdu. The app, Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu is an Android application which brings you all the episodes of the cited drama in Urdu. You can download the app free of cost from play store.

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