Toyota industry giant Toyota remembers its first 2,700 electric-powered cars all over the worry that its tires could fall off.

A spokesman told the BBC that the bolts on the bZ4X wheels could “loosen as far as the wheel could get out of the car” after “using the lower miles”.

The return of the car comes two months after the car was launched in Japan.

The car mechanics Subaru also said for the same reason they will remember the 403 electric cars it made with Toyota.


Toyota recalls electric cars over concerns about loose wheels

Can I save money by driving an electric car?.

Toyota slows production down due to Shanghai closure On Friday, Toyota said in a statement that it had issued a reversal of the safety of 2,700 bZ4X SUVs in the US, Europe, Canada and Japan.

“If the tire reverses in the car while driving, it could cause it to lose control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of a collision,” said a police spokesman.

“No one should drive these cars until a solution is found,” they added.

The BBC understands that some versions of the bZ4X have not been recalled. A Toyota spokesman, however, declined to comment on how many cars the company had built. Toyota said it had notified Japanese security officials of the situation on Thursday and that the cause of the matter was “under investigation”.

Another Japanese car manufacturer, Subaru has also said it is rolling out the 403 Solterra, its first all-electric car built in partnership with Toyota, due to concerns about loose bolts. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment by the BBC.

Toyota is considered to be a late arrival in the electric car market, compared to competing manufacturers such as Tesla, which launched its first electric car 14 years ago.

Launched the bZ4X in Japan last month. The car was only available for rental “to alleviate customers’ concerns about the remaining battery performance, maintenance and residual value,” Toyota said earlier this year.

This week, the company said it would reduce the number of vehicles it plans to produce next month by 50,000 to 800,000 due to a shortage of computer chips and service delivery disruptions caused by the epidemic.

Although Toyota currently aims to make a total of 9.7m vehicles worldwide this year, it has indicated that it may be forced to reduce this figure..


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