Most people think what is digital Marketing?. The Marketing through internet is known as Digital Marketing. OR The connection between a brand Or a company through Internet (Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO & SEM, or any other Social Platform) is known as Digital Marketing.
In simple words, Digital Marketing is a simple technique through which a company advertises its brand Digitally. That can be through Websites, Facebook, YouTube, or any Social Media Platform.



Basics of Digital Marketing:

We have to learn some basics of Digital Marketing. These basics will help us for our brand or company if we apply these strategies.
The basics are:
Website Design:
People use a Website for a brand or company for business purposes. It means they are doing digital marketing through the website. Digital marketing through a Website is the best strategy for the growth of any business through a website.

  1. Tubers Technologies ( They offer online solutions to brands)
  2. Google AdSense (Advertising agency website)
  3. (the market where people buy and sell online.
  4. Tubers. store (Online shopping site)

Above mentioned websites are doing their business online and doing the digital marking. They advertise their products through websites and target the audience through websites. So the Website Design is the source used for digital marketing.


Types of Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization:
The ranking of search results for a site that helps us to gain organic traffic for a site or a search result is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also well known for digital marketing. Through Search Engine Optimization we are going to reach out to our audience for a search result.
Search Engine Optimization is more important for a site to gain more traffic and improve the quality of a search result. This process can be done through SEO for a site so that through the SEO process someone can rank the site or content of a site with a high rank to get more users and audience.
This process is known as Digital Marketing because this is also an online process and known as Digital Marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing:
Social Media Marketing is a basic process of digital marketing to gain more traffic for a site or brand through social media marketing.
A company or brand advertising through the social media platform and a large amount of traffic can be gained through the process of Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing is a good idea for gaining traffic for a brand or site.
Because there are a lot of social media platforms that can be used for advertising the brand on the different social media platforms. The best Social Media Marketing platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and a lot more which can be used for Social Media Marketing.

3. Email Marketing:
Email marketing is a basic process of Digital Marketing due to which a company or a brand can efficiently get more traffic by using the process of Email Marketing.
In this process, digital marketing is done through Email Marketing. Simply a brand reaches out to the audience through email and through this the brand target the audience to get more traffic and rank their product easily and efficiently.

4. Content Marketing:
Content Marketing is a basic process for digital marketing to create strong relationships with the audience through Content Marketing by providing them high-quality and efficient content.
In Content Marketing a brand focus on content marketing to provide high-quality content about a brand that the audience gets informed about a brand through Content Marketing. The content can be a blog post, An article, Newsletters, Case Studies, Research, E-Magazines, E-Letters, and much more.


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