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The Art Of Making Cartoons through Phone

In the era of technological advancements, the art of making Cartoons has changed to a large extent. Today, the aspects of Cartoon Art Trends have converted through digitalization to graphics and many other formats. In the current epoch, a cartoonist has to make a cartoon characters into various digital formats as well as into the […]

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Get your phone clean from junk files, apk files, unwanted files & Boost your phone

Phone Master/Cleaner/Booster/Phone Cleaner is an amazing cleaning tool for android users. Through Clean Master app, a user can clean phone memory, remove unneccesary files, junk files, apk files, empty folder and optimize phone in single touch. Phone Booster/Clean Master boosts and optimizes your android device for better and fast functionality. It enhances your phone functionality. […]


Hackers of Russia, China and Iran try to hack US 2020 presidential election, Microsoft says

The Russian hackers tried to snoop on the 2016 Democratic campaign. Microsoft said it was “clear that foreign activity groups have stepped up their efforts” targeting the election. Cyber-raiders have targeted both president cand Democrat Joe Biden’s campaigns. The cyber-raiders also targeted British political parties, said Microsoft. “Similar to what we observed in 2016, Strontium […]


Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to Freeze Political ads before US presidential Election

Facebook has declared to freeze political ads till November. However, the existing ads will not be removed. The posts declaring victory before the US presidential election will also be labeled. Mark Zuckerberg showed deep concern over the division in the country which leads to civil unrest. Social media has been criticized for promoting fictions. It’s […]

The tech giant, Facebook threats news sharing ban in Australia

Facebook prepares to frame a new law that imposes payment on users sharing/reposting articles. Regulators have also asked for payment of content reposting. Google warned its users that as a consequence, the search services would be even worse. The current move (banning news) headed by Facebook, has stirred tension between regulators and tech firms. According […]

Prank Call, A Practical Joke

More often than not, we either fool our friends, family members or colleagues, or get rid of some irritating type of people, and for doing it , we use different tactics. One of the tactics we put into practice is Prank Calling.A prank call/crank call is a telephone call meant as a practical joke played […]

Upload and download Long Videos Status.

In the contemporary world, social media is progressing by leaps and bounds. The most successfully progressing and widely used app is Whats App It is used for chat with family members, relatives, friends. It’s also used for businesses’ purposes and for carrying out a lot of other activities. Through WhatsApp you share a considerably large […]

Let’s Aestheticise Your Photo Via Pencil Art

Art is the creation of something pleasing to our eyes, or ears. English dictionary defines art as “The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the senses and emotions, usually specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium.” Art is a […]